Top Pharmaceutical Exporter in India - Lifecare Nutritions is the well known pharmaceutical medicines manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India that has made its great reputation around the globe with the help of their reliable services and best quality products for curing the various kinds of health issues. The company has established themselves as the top pharma manufacturer and exporing company in their working tenute of 27+ years. The best pharma medicine exporter in India, exports its highly effective medicines in more than 20 countries including Yemen, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bhutan, Iraq, Ukraine, Nepal, Ghana, Uzbekistan, Oman, Sudan, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Burkina, UAE etc.

With the vision of earning high goodwill and for the goodness of whole mankind Lifecare Nutritions has taken an initiative to serve the people with only quality pharmaceutical products. This company is an ISO-certified pharmaceutical exporting company in India that deals with all kinds of pharmaceutical products which are manufactured under the norms set by WHO and GMP in order to match the global standard of the products. Our Softgel Capsule Manufacturer in india has made a remarkable presence with its quality medicines which are manufactured by utilizing the cutting edge technology. Products ranges like tablets, capsules, injectables, syrups, suspension, powder and many more for neuropsychiatry, nutraceuticals, and generic medicines.

Established in 1994, this pharmaceutical exporting company in India has been fulfilling the requirement of the society in terms of better health treatment through quality products. Not only this, our Pharmacutical medicine exporter in India also helps the clients to build a strong customer base. Apart from this, the leading pharma exporter from India provides the hassle-free services that are contributed by the logistical team, inventory availability, customer care services and many more.


Best Pharma Medicine Exporting Company from India - Lifecare Nutritions


Lifecare Nutrients is an prominent platform for exporting pharma medicines from India. Delivering the pharmaceuticals products to countries like; Africa, United States, Bangladesh and 10+ other nations. The top pharmaceutical medicine exporter in India have left a remarkable sign of our presence in the global pharmaceutical market and among top pharma exporters from India worldwide. The Reason behind choosing our Pharmaceutical exporting company in India is the product’s quality that we provide. And we believe that all the credit of the quality pharma products must go to the manufacturing facility where all quality medicines and other pharmaceuticals are manufactured.

The plant is constructed in a wide spacious land and has a unique infrastructure that represents the standard of our top pharma medicines exporting company in India. Moreover, it is backed by a highly skilled production team and has separate sections for each type of tasks such as manufacturing, packaging, quality control and shipping. Ultimately, this separate departments help our clients to get hassle free deals.

  • Hi-tech machinery is being utilised for getting quality pharma products for exporting.
  • 27+ years experience in the pharma market boosts us to serving the health sector.
  • All our machineries are lubricated and serviced for receiving outstanding performance.
  • Lifecare Nutrients believes in transparent deals that attract most to our clients to get a deal from us.
  • Day by day we are earning a high goodwill since we are operating with 10k happy clients.
  • 400+ employees are backing our company by contributing in performance and working tirelessly.



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Major Reason Behind Importing Pharma Products From India?

The research and development team usually works on various compounds and substances for bringing the latest pharma products to the market. Before bringing the latest pharma products first we introduce them to the already associate partners or who usually get our deals. We being the top pharmaceutical exporting company in India believe that earning a society’s trust is equal to earning high returns in the market and that is the real marketing tool. Therefore, we as an top Pharmaceutical Exporter in India place a wide focus on dealing with genuine and quality products which are inspected at each step by our experts. A diverse selection of quality products help our clients to make a strong position in the market.

In order to obtain the quality as well as cost effectiveness, the supply chain handles the whole process, from sourcing raw materials from reputable firms through manufacturing and finally exporting, ensuring efficiency, cost reduction, and other operations work smoothly across the entire chain. It reduces the amount of labour and raw materials used in the production process, making the product more cost effective. Before sending the products to the packing team, the quality control staff painstakingly checked them. The products by best pharmaceutical medicine exporter in India are made in an efficient production line monitored by skilled workers and professionals.

This Best Pharmaceutical Exporter in India believes that quality pharma products are the main reason behind companies choosing us, that is why we are receiving more and more requests for importing pharma products into their countries.

High Tech Manufacutring Units Enabled Pharmaceuticals Exporting Company In India

A major reason behind the quality  products is the unit that provides us the quality pharmaceuticals products. The unit is built up in a wide spacious land and has unique infrastructure that represents our high standard of the company in the market. Along with that our unit has different sections for each type of tasks such as manufacturing, laminations, marketing and logistics. Separate sections make our overall process smooth and comfortable for our clients. Here are some highlights of our manufacturing plant.

  • Cutting edge technology is being utilised.
  • The unit is backed by well educated and skilled staff.
  • The R&D staff at our Pharma Export company keep innovating new products to add in our portfolio.
  • The manufacturing units are established in excise free zone, so that we can make the medicines available at affordable rates.
  • We always keep the highly demanded products in our stock, to avoid the late delivery.

General Requirements For Importing Pharma Products From India

The importer and supplier mutually agree on the terms and conditions of the import sale prior to the actual shipment of imports. Pricing, quality criteria, payment terms, delivery durations, method of transport, and other terms and conditions are agreed upon and detailed in the purchase order when importing pharmaceutical products through pharma medicine exporter in India.

  • Checklist for pharmaceutical product packaging.
  • Documentation from the carrier or shipment paperwork
  • Commercial invoice for what you've imported
  • Bring your entry paperwork with you to the port.
  • Medicine origin certification.



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What Makes Us The Best Company for Importing Pharma Medicines from India?

Being a leading Best Pharmaceutical exporter from India, Lifecare Nutrition always serves with quality products in the global market. Along with dedicated staff this pharma exporting company in India has been serving the society. We as the top pharmaceutical exporter in India deals with the wide range of products that includes various categories. These include nutra, neuro, cardiac and diabetic and due to proficiency in each category, people prefer our pharmaceutical importing services for their country. 

Currently, we as the best pharma medicine exporter in India are exporting the medicines to nations like; Europe, Africa, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia and many more. Day by day the top pharma products exporting company is witnessing the increasing orders for our pharmaceutical products. There are some other factors that influence our clients to import pharmaceuticals from India.

  • Deal with more than 400 products makes us a prominent player in the market.
  • Our pharmaceutical products are imported by more than 20 countries.
  • Advanced machinery is being utilised for the quality products manufacturing.
  • Here all devices are lubricated and serviced on a usual basis for high performance.
  • To keep our clients up to date in the market our research team brings the latest products.
  • The deals with transparency attracts more and more clients to get our services.
  • Moreover, benefits that are given to our clients represent massive support to our clients.


A Look at The Rising Demand and Pharma Products Exporting From India

Being the largest exporter of generic medicines, India is ranked 1st since it contributes 20% of the total generic medicines exported from India. As of February 2021, India exported medications worth over 24.44 billion US dollars. Due to the wide number of pharma exporters available who deal with quality medicines, companies from other countries are interacting to get pharmaceutical exporting from India. Lifecare Nutritions is also one of the pharma products exporting companies in India that delivers quality pharma medicines around the globe as a reputed pharmaceutical exporter from India.

These Pharmaceutical Exporters from India make a significant contribution to the entire value of the pharma market. As the world's largest supplier of pharmaceuticals, India acts as a lifeline for those nations that cannot afford basic medical treatment through drugs. The global pharmaceutical business is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.1 percent from $1454.66 billion in 2021 to $1587.05 billion in 2022.

The majority of pharmaceuticals are imported into North America from India, with a value of roughly 7073 million USD in 2019-2020. This is followed by Africa, where pharma worth 3513 million USD was imported from India. The European Union is placed third, India exported 4.56 percent of medications in 2020, and Asian nations imported 11.43% of the medicines. This table depicts how much pharma and other nutrients products are exported from India.

We hope we were able to help you with this information, to know more about our pharma products exporting services we being the best pharmaceutical medicine exporter from India will assist you with whole basic to essential requirements for importing pharma products from India.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do you provide scientific literature for the basis of your research and development?
Yes, we provide scientific studies and articles that go into the research and development of our products.

How many years of experience does your company have?

Established in 1994, our company has established itself as a top pharma manufacturer and exporting company in the country after serving more than 27 years in the business.

Does your company offer some schemes?

Yes, our company occasionally provide schemes and special offers to all our customers and business partners.

How many countries does your company serve?
Our company is operational and provides its goods and services to more than 20 countries including Yemen, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bhutan, Iraq, Ukraine, Nepal, Ghana, Uzbekistan, Oman, Sudan, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Burkina, UAE etc 

How many business associates do you have?

We have more than 3000 business associates in our service.

What certification does your company has?
We have seven certifications from trusted and respected organisations, for example, FSSAI,  HACCP, GMP, GIP and ISO.

Where is your manufacturing facility located?

Our manufacturing unit is located in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.

Which categories of products do you deal in?

Our company deals in multiple categories of products including multivitamins, analgesics, health supplements, pre and probiotics, memory enhancers etc.

Does your company own patented products and services?
Yes, we do own some great patented products and services.

How many drugs approval do you have?
We have more than 450 drug approvals and are continuously working to launch new products in the market with our upcoming research and development.

How many pharma professionals are associated with you?

We have more than 400 pharma professionals that contribute significantly to our expansion in the industry.


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