Pharmaceutical Exporter From India To Australia- Having a population of 26 million people, Australia is a thriving nation and already developed. People who are living there are very health conscious and always prefer to get better health treatment. Pharmaceutical companies along with government organisations usually import which are amongst the major imports of Australia. Last year the nation imported pharmaceuticals worth around 10.7 billion USD in 2021. Lifecare Nutrition is also one of the companies that export a wide range of pharma products to this country and is a well known top Pharmaceutical Exporter From India To Australia. This company is a well known destination in Australia for importing pharma products from India.

Lifecare Nutrition is a leading Pharmaceutical Exporter From India To Australia, that has been working on transforming the health sector through quality pharma products. WHO and GMP rules are being followed for manufacturing of quality pharmaceutical products in order to match the global standard of the products. Moreover, tablets, capsules, injectables, syrups and many more are the part of our product ranges in which we deal. All products are manufactured in a cutting edge technology and has been the preference of many medicine companies in Australia. Basically, this pharma exporting company in India, deals with the ranges like neuropsychiatry, nutraceutical, cardiac, generic medicines and many others.

This prominent pharma exporting company deals with more than 400+ pharma products which are imported by 20+ countries. One question always arises: who operates all operations? So our chairperson: Yogendra Chopra asserts that what we have today is all contributed by our 400 employees and the number of clients who are backing our company.

Reasons Behind Choosing Us For Importing Pharma Products To Australia From India

Lifecare Nutrition, a leading Pharmaceutical Exporter From India To Australia, which was founded in 1994, is also one of India's oldest pharmaceutical exporting companies. To maintain our clients' trust, we never compromise on product quality. We have gained a number of talents that have helped us retain the efficacy of our products over our working term. As a result, we are a well regarded and recommended pharmaceutical firm for importing pharmaceuticals from India. The firm has received several nominations as a result of its transparent transactions and great services in terms of producing and exporting products worldwide.

Quality products made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant are the driving force behind our pharma exporter in India’s success. The apartment is built on a large piece of land with unique infrastructure that reflects the quality of our services. After receiving positive comments from our clients, many pharma businesses in Australia prefer to obtain pharma exporting from Lifecare Nutrients. That is why we give full credit to our unit, from which we obtain high-quality products, and the unit also contains distinct portions for each sort of activity. Here are some of our company's and unit's characteristics.

  • Currently we cover more than 20 nations in which we export  pharma products.

  • 400+ pharma products are delivered by us to pharma companies in Australia.

  • More than 10k clients are happy with our services and they usually get our deals.

  • Several divisions for different pharma categories are running for the wellbeing of the society.

  • About 400 employees are working here and contributing to our success and their own growth.

About Manufacturing Facility

  • Our manufacturing facility is outfitted with cutting-edge technology.

  • Our unit's R&D team is constantly developing new products.

  • The mechanical personnel at our facility often lubricated the machines and other tools.

  • It is sanitised to provide a contamination-free environment and high-quality products.

  • The unit is backed up by a highly skilled production team that creates high-quality products.

Effective Product Ranges For Exporting Medicines To Australia From India

The standard of the products gauges a company's goodwill because it is the sole basis for the company's operating position. In the pharmaceutical industry, quality must constantly be prioritised. Therefore, this Pharmaceutical Exporter From India To Australia never compromises on product quality since we believe it is our responsibility to maintain quality if we are in contact with people's lives. Because this management monitors and oversees the whole activity, we process the products under a strong supply chain management to ensure product quality and cost effectiveness. We create the products as part of a long-term supply chain management plan that requires efficient production and limits the usage of raw materials that are unnecessary.

The quality control team inspects products for quality and removes everything that is subpar from the management. The packaging team packs the products precisely to avoid any form of leakage or damage to the products. Additionally, this pharma importing company in Australia’s packaging is appealing, which increases the life of the products. Because of our extensive range of pharmaceutical products, we are the exclusive supplier of pharmaceuticals to Australia, specialising in nutra, neuro, and a variety of other categories.

Thriving Demand Of Indian Pharmaceuticals In Australia

Being a largest exporter and manufacturer of generic pharma products India contributes around 20% in global pharma products export. Day by day the Indian pharmaceutical market is witnessing the high demand of quality pharma products imported due to cost and quality effectiveness.

India's pharmaceutical companies will have an easier time launching their products in the Australian market, thanks to the Therapeutic products Administration (TGA), Australia's drug regulatory authority, agreeing to expedite faster and easier approvals for India's generic pharmaceutical products that have already been approved by developed countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

How To Import Pharma Products From India To Australia?

When imported products first arrive in Australia, the Australian Border Force (ABF) is in charge of passing them through customs. Unless an exemption applies, you must declare all products arriving at the Australian Border Force. Certain categories of commodities require a permission or licence to be imported into Australia. Your pharmaceutical products may also need to fulfil additional clearance criteria, such as biosecurity, food safety, and drug control.

Before you import, check:

  • if you need to apply for a permit to import your products and whether your products must fulfil any biosecurity requirements (to prevent pests and diseases from entering Australia)

  • The probable cost of tariffs, taxes, freight, and handling Imports are subject to a 10% products and Services Tax. Fuel, cigarettes, and alcohol all have excise equivalent duties. 

  • This corresponds to the Australian Taxation Office's excise tax rates for any duty or GST concessions that apply, such as a Tariff Concession Order or preferential tariff treatment under a Free Trade Agreement.

Charges You Need To Pay

Before you import products, you should be aware of the potential charges. Depending on the kind and monetary worth of the products. These fees may have to be paid before the products are imported or after they arrive at the Australian border. A professional customs broker can assist you in determining the potential fees. You may be required to pay:

  • Customs brokerage fees, transportation costs, insurance, storage charges, and other handling charges assessed by the logistics provider

  • Import processing expenses, clearing fees, and permit fees

  • customs fees

  • Fees for biosecurity management

  • Other fees and taxes include the products and Services Tax (GST).

Contact us today to import pharma medicine from India to Australia, look at the below mentioned details.

Benefits of Choosing Lifecare Nutritions as the Pharma Export Company from India to Australia

Lifecare Nutrition is a well-certified and legally licensed company in the Pharma industry offering its Pharma Medicine Exporter From India to Australia. To run a smooth partnership with clients we make the best coordination and take proper feedback about our services from clients. Our Company is built on the justifications of reliability and trust. As a Modern Company, we believe in smart work we use high-tech machinery, and the latest equipment to maintain accuracy in our work. 

  • We see many customers suffer from stock shortage but in our company, we are 24 hours available with demanding stocks. 

  • In our company, you can invest less amount of money and gain high-quality profit with high returns. Moreover, our Pharma Medicine Exporter From India To Cameroon is free from any type of hazards. 

  • Our company is popular for excellent customer service and commitment to providing affordable healthcare formulations. 

  • Packaging plays an important role to boost sales and it also attracts customers. We hire a team of specialists in Packaging that makes product packaging attractive and before delivering we ensure that all packages are leakage and damage-proof. 

Superior Quality Assured and Approved Pharma Products offered by Leading Pharma Company

We offer a vast range of product portfolios to our Pharma Exporter From India To Australia, making people healthy. Also, we deal in different categories such as antibiotics, ayurvedic, neurology, orthopaedics, paediatrics, nutraceuticals, neurology, rheumatology, dermatology, gastroenterologists, urology, nephrology, general range, endocrinology, etc. All the supplied products by our franchise network are safe, suitable, and effective for all kinds of health issues. We are supported by the R&D team, which deeply tested all solutions at each level. 

  • Tablets 

  • Protein Powder 

  • Injections

  • Capsules 

  • Syrups/ Suspension 

  • Ointments/ Cream 

  • Dry syrup 

  • Tablets 

Contact us to know more;

Name: Lifecare Nutriotions

Phone No: +91 9318058855

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Address: #70/1 Dharampur, Sai Road, Near Export Promotion Zone, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh – 173205 INDIA

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