Lifecare Quality Systems

Products at Lifecare Nutritions are manufactured with utmost care for quality assurance. We always ensure that –  

By keeping the well being of the society in mind, Lifecare Nutritions has brought the latest quality nutraceutical products. The product of our company is the major reason behind people choosing our services. And here are some more facts about our company's products.

  • For a long time, innovative ways have been used to obtain the most recent products.
  • Lifecare adheres to WHO and GMP guidelines in order to meet worldwide standards.
  • All products are FSSAI-approved and suitable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Supply chain management oversees the flow of products and ensures that each task is completed.
  • To assure quality, the quality control staff thoroughly inspects all nutraceuticals.
  • Raw materials are sourced from reputable industry at Lifecare Nutritions.
  • All raw materials are thoroughly verified by the quality team because they are the foundation of the products.
  • The research team analyses market demand and usually responds to market requirements.

Quality Policy

With the aim of taking the company to a higher level we are only promoting the quality of the products and making people aware about genuine pharmaceuticals. We believe that the quality of a product determines the company's reputation, which is why we place a strong focus on product quality.

The specially assigned quality control staff inspects the products at each step, removing any defective pieces from the chain and providing 100 percent assurance of the products' effectiveness. This is an important component of our policy because we recognise that if we have a link with people's health, it is our job to make every effort to preserve the quality.


Incepted in 1994, Lifecare Nutritions and has been transforming the nutraceutical sector by bringing latest products in the market. Our company believes that what we have today in terms of success is all because of the product and the major reason behind the product is the manufacturing plant.

The unit where our manufacturing takes place is well enabled with the hi-tech machinery and has unique infrastructure. Here are more highlights of the company.

  • All set with advanced machinery and tools.
  • Backed with highly skilled staff at the unit.
  • Allianz with renowned companies like GLATT, Bosch.
  • Follow the WHO and GMP rules while manufacturing.
  • Manufacture more than 100+ nutra formulations.

  • Due to being highly proficient in manufacturing and supplying the quality nutrients supplements, Lifecare Nutritions is a highly preferred nutra company in India and in other nations.

    R & D (Research and Development)

    Bringing the latest products in the market helps Lifecare Nutritions to keep itself up to date in the market and keep preference of many clients. This all happens with the big support of our Research and development team that works on several compounds and molecules in order to bring the latest nutra products.

    The laboratories where research takes place is equipped with the high technology equipment and tools, and some substances are imported. Overall, the research team puts every single effort into keeping the track on demand of the general public and keeping our company up to date or well known for the latest products in the market.

    Lifecare Nutritions' R&D project aims to maintain pace with the development of new nutraceutical formulations for existing products. The company is actively involved in clinical research and the development of better and unique formulations for the nutraceutical market, having partnered with numerous recognised institutions such as NIPER Mohali and Pharmaexcel.