Pharma Medicine Exporter from India to Bangladesh - The value of exports that were made from India to Bangladesh in 2021 was around US$136.46. No doubt that Bangladesh's pharmaceutical industry is moving toward self-sufficiency to meet local demand, but it is still dependent on other contours including India for the fulfillment of its pharma needs. To cope with the needs of Bangladeshi people, Indian companies are doing very well to offer quality rich medicines to them and one such firm is Lifecare Nutritions which is the top Pharma Medicine Exporter from India to Bangladesh.

Being an ISO-certified company that is a prominent name in the list of the leading Pharma Medicine Exporter from India to Bangladesh. The value of Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical industry was valued at $3.1 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach around 7.6% of $4.5 million by 2025. India is among the top names in the list of the top exporting countries of pharma medicines for Bangladesh. And Lifecare Nutritions is serving the needs of people living in Bangladesh by offering them WHO, GMP, GLP certified products. Seeing the increasing population in Bangladesh.

The government is also spending a lot of effort in order to make sure that people get top-notch pharma medicines with the help of a reputed pharma exporting company from India to Bangladesh. With all the efforts that Lifecare Nutrition has made till now, we have scored a reputable position in the pharma sector, especially among the top pharma exporters from India to Bangladesh. We are in the pharma sector since 1994 and are serving in more than 12+ nations with more than 450+ products. Product types covered by our firm include injectables, drops, powder, syrups, tablets, and capsules and the pharma ranges covered include nutraceutical, nephro, cardiac, ortho, etc.











The Prominent Indian Pharmaceutical Exporting Company For Bangladesh

Lifecare Nutritions being a part of its parent company Lifecare Neuro Products Limited was commenced in the year 1994. Fulfilling the demand of the linked pharma professional is their main aim and to do that they are ready to do any possible thing. Cutting-edge technology is used for the production of quality rich medicines including nutraceuticals also. Our firm is serving in countries such as the United States, Africa, Asia, and some European countries. The leading pharma drugs exporter from India to Bangladesh i.e, Lifecare Nutritions has made significant contribution to the exports that India has made till now. 

All the tools and equipment that we make use of are of the latest kinds and regular lubrication is done on the same that made us the top pharma medicine exporting company from India to Bangladesh. The team of working professionals who are working with us are having a good amount of working experience in the pharma sector which aids us to stand out in the ever-increasing competition. The global standard of production is followed and norms of various regulatory authorities are followed for the manufacturing work.

Dealing in Highest Quality Pharma Product Categories

More than 20 pharma product categories assist our clients in establishing a strong market presence because they are the exclusive proprietors of some of the medications in their area. To maintain the worldwide standard of the products, all of our products by the best pharmaceutical export company In Baddi are made in accordance with WHO and GMP guidelines. The diverse range of pharma products is the primary reason for using our services for importing pharma products from India.

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Cutting-edge technology is used to improve quality, and all equipment are well maintained to ensure maximum production. In addition, to ensure quality, the QC team rigorously inspects the products at each stage.

We are capable of fulfilling all pharma requirements under one roof since in superior quality packaging of nutrient supplements for improved health, logistics, and diverse brand names as desired by the company at one stop.


More than 400 pharma professionals contribute significantly to our expansion in the health industry.

We have more than 450 approved products, and also keep innovating and formulating new variety of substances to cure people.

With 27 years of expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, we have always worked to empower our employees and give genuine business exposure to our clients.

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Support our clients at each step to build a strong position in the market through the wide range of nutrients products.

We never compromise with quality and always offer effective nutrients products that meet the global standards.

To constantly upgrade and automate our manufacturing infrastructure using the latest machinery.

To research and develop the latest clinically proven nutrition for a healthier world.

Provide small and medium marketing businesses access to world-class manufacturing facilities.

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