Nutraceutical Manufacturer and Exporter in India - Nutraceutical products is have gained huge demand in Market due to the absence of elemental supplements in the body. In 2020, India’s nutraceutical industry was value at US$6 billion. As experts have indicated, it will increase US$18 billion by 2025 due to rising interest in nutraceuticals and expanding knowledge on the adequacy of nutraceutical products. Therefore, with 27 years of experience, Lifecare Nutritions, the best Nutraceutical manufacturer and exorter in India has been bringing superior nutrients products that have been found to be effective. The company is representing its services as an expert Nutraceutical Manufacturer in India that provides quality manufacturing for nutraceutical products.

Lifecare Nutritions is an ISO-certified top Nutraceutical Manufacturing and Exporting company in India that deals with quality products. Tablets, syrups, soft gel capsules, suspension, and powder are all part of our wide range of quality nutrients supplements which helps us to make best Nutraceutical exporter in India.  Moreover, in order to keep the Nutraceutical Manufacturing Services in India hassle-free, our company provides the best logistics services, inventory management, and customer care services if in case our clients need any kind of assistance for manufacturing.

As well as being a reputed Softgel Capsule Manufacturer in India we export our medicines in more than 30+ countries including Yemen, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bhutan, Iraq, Ukraine, Nepal, Ghana, Uzbekistan, Oman, Sudan, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Burkina, UAE etc. The products offered by us are processed in the team of highly professional pharma experts under regualtion of WHO which makes us the top Nutraceutical Exporter in India.

Rationales Behind Rising Demands & Scope for Nutraceutical Products in India

Well, as our nutraceutical exporting and manufacturing company continues to search on various health concerns which have been conter by many people in various nations, so we always strive to deliver the exact demand through the nutra companies by manufacturing services. For example countries in Africa are in the extreme demand of iron, multivitamins, minerals and many other essential nutrients.In India millions of people are using our nutrient products here also in our nation many people are facing various health issues due to lack of necessary nutrients in the body.

Currently, the global market size of nutraceutical products is more than 500 billion USD and it is expected to reach double in 2030. The reason behind the rising market is that today people are becoming aware about the nutrition people need to protect themselves from various health issues and for overall health growth.



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What Makes Lifecare Nutritions Best For Nutraceutical Products Manufacturing In India?

Established in 1994, Lifecare Nutritions, the leading Nutraceuticals Manufacturing and Exporting Company in India has been significantly emphasizing on bringing quality nutraceutical products in the nutra market. Lifecare Nutritions not only provides the products within the nation but also exports to many nations like; United States, Africa, European countries, Asian nations and many others. Even, we being the top Multivitamin Tablets Manufacturer in india also have earned various awards of honors due to our high proficiency in the market that including; emerging pharma company of the year 2021, upcoming brand of the year 2020, and many others.

The unit plays a vital role in bringing our quality nutrients supplements and the reason behind people choosing our Nutraceutical Manufacturing and Exporting company in India. Being the best Nutraceutical Manufacturing Company in India, If we talk about the quality of the product that is all could not possible without our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. It has unique infrastructure and has robotics technology that has been transforming the nutra sector by bringing the latest nutrient supplements in India. Here are some highlights of our Nutracutical Exporting Company in India and manufacturing facility.

  • The unit is enabled with the cutting edge technology for quality manufacturing.
  • All equipment and tools are lubricated and serviced for better performance.
  • More than 450 products are available for third party manufacturing in India.
  • Our unit is usually sanitised in order to keep it contamination free for quality purposes.
  • Lifecare Nutrients deals with 12+ countries and is working on reaching 50+ countries.
  • This nutraceutical products manufacturing company deals with full transparency that makes us trustworthy.

Providing The Widest Range of Nutrients Products To Help The Society With Good Health

The R & D team at top Nutraceutical Manufacturing Company in India often brings the most recent vitamin supplements after doing study on diverse substances. A wide selection of new products on the market assist our clients in establishing a strong market position. Apart from that, our products have become the first choice of clients from other countries, which is why we as the best nutraceutical manufacturers in India are continuing to grow our activities throughout the world. Because quality is so crucial in industries such as food, supplements, and medicines, it is critical for us to maintain product quality.

To assure product quality, we place a high priority on quality control and process our products in a sustainable supply chain management system that includes raw material procurement and product delivery to its final destination. Supply chain management also assists us in maintaining product costs by utilising raw materials and other resources such as labour in an efficient manner. This also assists us in maintaining product quality. Our quality control department is responsible for examining products for quality, eliminating any defective products from the chain, and ensuring that the quality is satisfactory to us.



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Highly Reputed Nutraceutical Exporter in India Dealing in Multiple Categories

Along with the production of the best quality Neutraceutical products, Lifecare Nutrition has made great progress in the export of its goods and services to more than 20 countries. This number is growing consistently, it is because our company uses premium quality packaging materials, which prevent any type of corrosion or unacceptable changes in our product. We as an trustworthy nutraceutical exporter company in India believe in the combine efforts of all the tools and our workers.

The machinery used at top Nutraceutical Exporting Company in India for manufacturing and packing is highly efficient and are under the continuous supervision of our professional workers. Consistent monitoring in packing facilities is important for preventing any type of malfunctions like damage, accidental leaks or invasion of moisture during the export of products. All our products are processed in different forms like tablets, capsules, injection, soft gelatin capsules, suspensions and syrups etc, which are shipped from India to different parts of the world. Some of the products that are exported by top Nutraceutical Exporting Company in India are listed below:

  •  Food supplements for cardio-diabetic patients
  •  Medicines for better memory
  •  Boosters for better and enhanced immunity
  •  Multivitamin capsules for Men
  •  Multivitamin capsules for women
  •  Supplements for athletes
  •  Prebiotics
  •  Probiotics
  •  Food supplements for orthopaedic patients
  •  Booster for increasing blood platelets
  •  Neural health and functioning imporvement medicines
  •  Antioxidants

Benefits of Collaborating With Customer Oriented Nutraceutical Manufacturing Company In India

Stepping towards high growth in the market that only has been possible with the extensive support of our clients since they are pushing our company by getting deals continuously. The credible nutraceutical manufacturer in India also provide various advantages for making services hassle free.

  • Stock Availability- Because we know what our customers want, our company's warehouse is always stocked with the most popular products. When a consumer makes a purchase, we learn about their specific needs.
  • Transportation- We understand that many businesses have issues with late delivery or not receiving supplies when they are needed. Cardiac Lifecare, on the other hand, guarantees that the products are delivered on time.
  • Professional Expertise- Our customers benefit from dealing with us since our whole staff is highly qualified and has vast industry expertise. And here, many firms interact with us to obtain products, and this is an opportunity for others to learn about nutrition.



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Steps Need To Follow For Getting Nutraceutical Manufacturing Service 

Every company has its own procedures for getting Nutraceutical Manufacturing and Exporting Services and this concept is popular in the market due to various reasons. It provides hassle-free services to millions of companies across the world since there is no need to establish manufacturing plants. Being a top Nutraceuticals Manufacturer in India we always emphasise on supporting our client’s business and companies and work as per their need for the betterment. But here are some of the steps that are followed by the best Nutraceutical Exporter in India while manufacturing nutrient supplements in India.

  1. Draw up a list of the nutraceutical products that our customer wants us to make.
  2. Fill out the order total and product compositions, such as vitamins, minerals, and iron based on the product range.
  3. A quotation for the agreed-upon pricing will be supplied to our clients so that they may remain clear.
  4. The artwork and packaging chosen by the customer should be done, or they can choose their own packaging and labeling.
  5. Documents necessary for contract manufacturing agreement and order for manufacturing reasons must be supplied.
  6. We can now start production, which will take 15 to 20 days depending on the amount of the order.
  7. We are now ready to send and ship to your preferred destination within the next few days with the help of the logistics team.

General Requirements for Importing Nutraceutical Products from India to Other Countries

Exporting goods and services from India isn’t a big deal for us. We believe in security, integrity and doing things the right way. We follow the proper protocol and guidelines given by the administration of India and try to keep things as transparent as possible. Lifecare nutrition is the first one to respond if there is any update in exportation policies by the administration. Our compliance actions are quick and effective as per the provided guidelines by the government. The list of documents submitted by Lifecare nutrition is given below:

  • Bank Account Statement and other financial Documents
  • Bankers Certificate and other Customs Documents
  • Canceled Cheque
  • Company PAN number
  • IEC Number
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Indian Trade Classification (HS) of the Product
  • Proof of Ownership / Business Premises / Rental Agreement
  • WHO: GMP certification


Why Choose Lifecare Nutritions as the Best Manufacturer and Exporter of Nutraceuticals in India?

Lifecare Nutritions is one of Top Nutraceutical Companies in India in the pharma industry that believes in 100% customer satisfaction and provides genuine offers and services to Exporters and Manufacturers of Nutraceuticals in India. We know that packaging plays a crucial role in attracting customers and boosting sales, so we hire a team of packaging that makes the package attractive and before delivering stocks are sure that all Nutraceuticals are damaged and leakage-proof. In addition, we have our own warehouse, where we store all our stored all our effective stocks. We deal in bulk quantity products with pharmacists, retailers, entrepreneurs, etc. Additionally, our company is very informative about our whole manufacturing procedure, we believe in fair deals & transparency. W give the right information on the product label like use, ingredients, effects, side effects, products, etc.

  • All raw materials are purchased by trusted vendors and handpicked by our own staff.

  •  A wide range of nutraceutical product portfolios is produced by GMT Pharma International. 

  • All our manufactured stocks are properly sanitized as well as maintained hygiene. 

  • We update our all nutraceuticals range as per the market trends. 

  • All demanding stocks by our clients are 24 hours available. 

Contact us to know more;

Name: Lifecare Nutritions
Phone No: +91 9318058855
Email Id:
Address: #70/1 Dharampur, Sai Road, Near Export Promotion Zone, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh – 173205 INDIA


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