Top 10 Nutraceutical Manufacturers in Hyderabad: Over the years, Hyderabad has become the home of many growing industries. Nutraceutical is one of them. There can be many reasons behind the rising scope of nutraceuticals such as increasing health awareness, an aging population, preventive healthcare trends, and a shift towards natural and organic products. Furthermore, the nutraceutical market is expected to grow by approximately USD 18 billion by 2025, and joining the nutra sector is an incredible decision to earn a profit. 

Besides this, because of the number of Nutraceutical Manufacturers and Suppliers, selecting the best manufacturing company can be challenging for entrepreneurs. Stop googling “Top 10 Nutraceutical Manufacturers in Hyderabad” now because you are already in the right place. If you want the best manufacturing services, genuine deals, quality supplements, and affordable prices, don’t skip! Yes, you are heard right. This blog will offer you a clear view of the Best Nutraceutical Companies in Hyderabad. 

List of Best 10 Nutraceutical Manufacturing Companies in Hyderabad

Every year, the Nutraceutical industry hits billions of revenue in the global market and numerous companies have earned their name in the nutraceutical sector, now it's your time to achieve this goal by collaborating with your preferred Top 10 Nutraceutical Manufacturers in Hyderabad. All are known for manufacturing and supplying the best supplements to their linked clients, strong distribution channels, world-class technology, and genuine manufacturing services.

Lifecare Nutritions

First, we have Lifecare Nutritions in the list of Nutraceutical Manufacturers and Suppliers in Hyderabad. The  ISO, GLP, GMP-certified company built a strong presence by providing Private Label Manufacturing, Pharma medicine exporting, and Nutraceutical manufacturing exporter services not only in India but also in 15+ countries including the United States, Africa, Asian countries, and European countries. Over 8000+ brands enjoy private label manufacturing services such as Dr. Reddy's, Biocon, Centaur, Cargill, etc. 

They offer a B2B platform by connecting more than 4000+ valuable clients. In addition, they offer FSSAI-approved 20+ product segments such as sports supplements, immunity boosters, pre and probiotics, vitamins/minerals, orthopedic food supplements, etc. They take help from 29+ years of experience in the F&D team, dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, R&D team, and healthcare professionals who are proficient in understanding your requirements and tested products at each level before supplying.  Moreover, the Nutraceutical product company has its GMP-certified manufacturing unit that is integrated with German automated machinery and committed to large production at one time.

  • Year of Establishment: 1994
  • Total Nutraceutical Products: 200+ 
  • Company CEO: Mr Yogendra Chopra ( Managing Director )
  • Address: Baddi Address Lifecare Neuro Products Ltd. 70/1 Dharampur, Sai Road, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh 173205, India

Gnova Biotech 

Gnova Biotech is one of the widely famous Nutraceutical Manufacturing Companies in Hyderabad that offers FSSAI dietary supplements at the best price. It includes Soft gel capsules, energy drinks, Protein Powers, Vitamin Supplement Injection, and much more. Moreover, With the great support of Procurement agents, Scientists, Pharmacologists, Laboratory analysts, Quality controllers, Warehouse &packaging experts, and Sales and marketing executives they set the best track record in serving 8000+ areas. Over 10,000+ associates are linked with them and enjoy an ethical business strategy with top nutraceutical manufacturing services.

  • Year of Establishment: 2009
  • Total Nutraceutical Products: 500+ 
  • Company CEO: Mr. Parminder Kapoor
  • Address: Plot No.358, First Floor, Industrial Area Phase 2, Panchkula, Haryana 134113

Aden Healthcare 

In the ever-evolving and rapidly growing landscape of nutraceuticals, Aden Healthcare stands out as an excellent game changer. The firm has six market divisions and is accredited by ISO 9001:2008. It produced superior quality dietary supplements such as nutraceutical tablets, softgel capsules, hard gel capsules, syrups, granules, and powder. To run smooth production the manufacturing company work is divided into different departments like Sales & Marketing, Account & Finance, Packaging, and production.  Each Department of a nutraceutical manufacturing company is well-supervised by a team member, who is capable of executing the respective work with full dedication

  • Year of Establishment: 2008
  • Total Nutraceutical Products: 450+ 
  • Company CEO: Mahesh Rai Aggarwal
  • Address: Manufacturing Office Vill. Bhud, NH-21 A, Baddi, Distt. Solan (H.P) 173205

Asterisk Healthcare 

Asterisk Healthcare is one of the leading Nutraceutical Manufacturers in Hyderabad that produces high-quality food supplements. It is a WHO, GMP, GLP, ISO, DCGI, and  Free Sales Certificate (FSC) Certified manufacturing company and was granted authorization by the Indian Medical Association to carry out the manufacturing and supplying. They have their own GMP certfied manufacturing plant which is located in an eco-friendly area. Over 400 to 500 skilled workforce work there, they are professionals to use advanced technology to avoid any mistakes during production. Today, they have built a track record of satisfying more than 5000+ customers by manufacturing A-grade quality products.

  • Year of Establishment: 2007
  • Total Nutraceutical Products: 400+ 
  • Company CEO: Manoj Kumar

Kabir Lifesciences 

With over 25+ experience, Kabir Lifesciences is listed among the Top 10 Nutraceutical Manufacturers in Hyderabad. They prioritize quality and offer FSSAI-approved product lists such as Tablets, capsules, granules, syrups, powder, and much more. Currently, more than 100+ distributors are affiliated with them for Nutraceutical Third Party Manufacturing/ Contract Manufacturing services. Aside from they build a transparent supply chain and appointed teams value their clients. They ensure that all ordered stocks are delivered on guaranteed time.

  • Year of Establishment: 1999
  • Total Nutraceutical Products: 200+ 
  • Company CEO: Ramandeep Singh
  • Address: Plot no. D-235, 4th floor, Industrial Focal Point, Phase 8B , Mohali

Seasons Healthcare

Next, Seasons Healthcare is a well-known Dietary Supplement manufacturing company certified with ISO 9001:2015, GMP, HACCP, WHO, GLP, and KOSHER that produces best quality products such as tablets, soft gels, proteins, and sachets. With the great guidance of Mr. Rahul Marwaha (Company CEO), they create a team of  R&D team, doctors, healthcare professionals, skilled labor, suppliers, and vendors. All are made best efforts to satisfy all the needs of clients by offering top-class manufacturing services in Hyderabad.

  • Product portfolio approved by FSSAI
  • Franchise opportunity and manufacturing services
  • Attractive packaging to boost sales
  • Unlimited design support

Swisschem Healthcare

Nutraceutical formulation companies in Hyderabad, Swisschem Healthcare (a division of Swastik Lifesciences)  Launched in 2015 by Mr.Vinnet Jain. The firm manufactures a diverse nutraceutical range to treat general health, mental well-being, beauty, skin health, etc. In addition, it provides Nuratcutical private label manufacturing services to over 900+ brands at affordable rates.

  • Produce Bulk quantity nutra products
  • Strong distribution channel 
  • Broad product portfolio

Zoic Lifescinces

Founded in 2008, Zoic Lifescinces is another one of the emerging Top 10 Nutraceutical Manufacturers in Hyderabad that is certified by GMP, ISO, WHO, and FDI and gets 10+ awards from reputed healthcare organizations in India. Today, over 200+ customers enjoy their best manufacturing services. Additionally, offered policies and procedures are carefully designed so partners conduct business in a legal, ethical, and responsible manner.

  • 150+ skilled workforce
  • 350+ Products range 
  • Reputed Company in India

Biofield Pharma

Biofield Pharma was inspected in 2000, with the vision of making quality-class nutraceutical products and since then, they have been providing affordable functional medicines to retailers, wholersales, entrepreneurs, hospitals, and many more. All products supplied by them are manufactured under the WHO and GMP Units such as multivitamins and multiminirals. 

  • Spacious Warehouse
  • Skilled team
  • Exclusive deals

Lifevison Healthcare 

Finally, we have Lifevision Healthcare, the Leading nutraceutical product third-party manufacturer in Hyderabad. With their unwavering commitment to promoting health, they provide top-grade quality nutra products at affordable prices. Since 2010, they have been delivering exceptional manufacturing services, fostering respect, ensuring genuine deals, and supplying quality products to over 250 clients in the Indian market.

  • Stock management
  • Customer care Executive
  • Ethical Business Module


What is the Process to Collaborate With a Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturing Company

Nutraceutical Products meaning can refer to non-specific biological therapies that usually promote general well-being, control symptoms, and prevent malignant processes. The word “nutraceutical “ combines the two words - Nutrients (nourishing of food) and pharmaceutical (medical drug). Here is the process of merging with nutraceutical companies in India:

  • Research nutraceutical manufacturers in your area. Look at their portfolios, production capabilities, and areas of expertise.
  • Clearly outline your requirements, and what you hope to achieve through the business collaboration. 
  • Develop a detailed proposal that outlines your idea, target market, and product concept.
  • Reach out to the companies that align with your goals and expertise. 
  • Discuss the terms of the collaboration, including roles, responsibilities, timelines, intellectual property rights, and revenue-sharing arrangements.
  • Work with the company's legal team to draft and finalize agreements that protect both parties' interests.
  • Set up regular communication channels and meetings to ensure smooth collaboration, address any challenges, and monitor progress.


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