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Pantoprazole Capsules Manufacturing Company in India - Stomach and intestine issues such as heartburn, acid reflux and gastro-oesophageal reflux are increasing at a very high rate. Facing this problem for a long period of time may cause some serious health complications when ignored. Seeing it, our firm Lifecare Nutritions has come forward as the leading Pantoprazole Exporter in India. This molecule is made available in various product types such as tablets, capsules, injection, and much more.

Facing excess acid related problems are very common nowadays due to the bad lifestyle that people get indulged into. Therefore an adequate solution must be offered by pharma companies that are referred to as the top Pantoprazole Capsules Manufacturing Company in India. All the pharma ranges offered by us are manufactured as per the rules and regulations laid by WHO, GMP and under the supervision of pharma experts. We are the first choice for various pharma professional who are looking for the top Pantoprazole Capsules Supplier in India.

Uses Of Pantoprazole

Pantoprazole is one of the most widely used Proton pump inhibitors as it is reported as one of the less harmful molecules that is included in the list of proton pump inhibitors in India. In addition to its active ingredients it also contains some of its inactive ones such as calcium stearate, crospovidone, hypromellose, iron oxide, mannitol, methacrylic acid copolymer and much more that makes it more better as compared to other PPIs. It may be given in various dosage forms such as tablets, injectables and much more and each one of them have their respective roles in bringing about a change in the condition of the patient that he might be having.

  • Pantoprazole is used in the condition called esophagitis that is characterized by an inflammation that is responsible for damaging the issues of the esophagus.
  • Those having stomach ulcers are also treate by this pharm durgs very effectively. The problem of stomach ulcers may be caused due to long-term use of painkillers. 
  • The most common problem faced by individuals nowadays i.e, excess acid production in the stomach is also treated by it.
  • Some serious issues related to esophagus such as cancer of esophagus is also prevented by its usage.

Method Of Usage/Administration Of Pantoprazole 

The method and the duration of the whole treatment is dependedn upon the dosage type that one is going use. If taking via mouth then it is to be given as a delayed-release tablet that will act very slowly and will offer a long term relief. The granules will work in a more better way when taken with applesauce or apple juice. The tablet should be swallowed as a whole without breaking or chewing it. Depending on the need of the client, Lifecare Nutritions will offer its manufacturing services for Pantoprazole In India.

The dose may be given once or twice a day depending on the need of the patient. The patient must avoid missing any doses of this medicine as it will cause a reduction in the effectiveness of the whole treatment. After taking Pantoprazole, one will start getting immediate results and will notice its full effect after the whole course is completed. It may be taken with or without food depednig on the choice of the patient. 

Side Effects Of Pantoprazole 

In some patient it may be possible that they may get some common side effects that tend to go away with time as the body will start to adjust itself with time. That’s why after its administration, one must keep any eye over their condition over the period of time so that they can get the required relief from the problems that they might be having. There may be some circumstances wherein the healthcare expert using this medicine might not use it as per the need of the patient and he might end up getting negative results lateron. That’ why it is so important to look after them and take the advice of the linked pharma professional whenever required. 


  • Diarrhea
  • Flatulence
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain


Precautions For Pantoprazole 

After getting the top-notch Pantoprazole manufactured by the top Pantoprazole Capsules Manufacturing Company in India, it becomes the responsibility of the healthcare expert to use it in a proper way so as to make sure that the needy patient gets all the required benefits from it. 

  • Using it may be unsafe in case the female patient is pregnant.

  • One may also not consume alcohol with it as it can cause some issues in that issue.
  • Those mothers who are breastfeeding must also not consume it as it can cause 
  • Those patient who are above the age of 65 years can’t purchase it without having a prescription.
  • It is not be used for a continuous time period of 1 year as it may cause bone fracture or osteoporosis.
  • One must report it to a doctor if they are facing the problem of difficulty in walking or sitting.
  • It may also affect the test results that one may get that’s why it is prescribed to take it after doing the lab test if there’s any to be done.
  • Any kind of hebal medicine is also not to be consumed along with it while using this medication witout consulting a healthcare expert.

Best Company for Pantoprazole Manufacturing Services and Supply

Lifecare Nutritions is the top Pantoprazole Capsules manufacturer in India. We offer nutraceuticals for export purposes also across the globe so that the global demand of various people can be fulfilled. We are an ISO accredited pharma organization that follows all the guidelines of WHO, GMP. The plant of best quality Pantoprazole Capsules Exporter in India, Lifecare Nutritions is located at a wide piece of land that allows us to manufacture a wide variety of pharma drugs. Have a look at some of the features that we hold being the leading Pantoprazole Capsules Manufacturing Company in India.

  • All the machines that we make use of are of hi-tech nature and they are lubricated on a regular time frame.
  • Bulk orders can be processed with ease as we are working with well experienced team of workers.
  • The team of logistics that is working with us is very exceptional in their work as they deliver all the orders within the stipulated time frame.
  • All the raw material that we make use of are sourced by our pharma experts who are having a rich working experience in the pharma industry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pantoprazole:

1 When Should I Use Pantoprazole? 

The best time to use Pantoprazole is on an empty stomach ususally one hour before the meal as it will offer the best poosible results in that case.


2 Am I Supposed To Use Avoid Any Food With Pantoprazole?

Pantoprazole usually doesn’t interferes with any particular food items but one must try their best to avoid fried food stuff as it may reduce the effectiveness of this medicine.


3 Is Pantoprazole An Prescribed Drug Or OTC Drug?

Pantoprazole is only given as a OTC Drug only and thus is made available on the prescription of a doctor only.


4 For How Long Does Pantoprazole Works In The Stomach?

On a general basis, it remains active in the gut for a time period of around 24 hours.


5 How Can I Check That Whether Pantoprazole Is Working Or Not?

One can asses the working of this pharma drug by seeing that whether their symptoms are relieved or not.

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